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Uthara & Kartik

Any time an Indian Wedding is visualised, a large gathering, majestic mandap, overwhelming decor and everything close to a gala is what comes synonymous to the picture.

Not this time, not at the love union of Uthara and Kartik. Here, there was a hearty celebration with close ones re-uniting, sharing conversations, swimming, kayaking, singing, sharing bites trying various cuisines, basically getting along over a 2-day wedding picnic!

What stays with us is the fact that everyone in the family talked about how special Uthara is and that she created her life with her own thoughts and manifested her vision of life piece by piece.
What we connected to most deeply was the super emotional wedding ceremony which was celebrated under magnificent banyan trees. Uthara and Kartik exchanged vows in-front of their loved ones that was followed by the audience showering back their blessings and speeches. 

While many would exclaim life to be serendipitous, now that we know this beautiful couple briefly, we would say with ultimate clarity on mind that it was their ernest intentions and faith that even befriended the weather gods on the evening of the karaoke dinner. With tables immersed in laughter and soulful food at the soirée, even the darkest sky with rainful clouds poured just a few sprinkles here and there on an evening that expected heavy showers. Such is the power of manifestation.

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