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Dipti  & Chanchal

Dipti and Chanchal flew down to Goa to put a break to work for a couple of days and exclusively have a portrait session with us. When Dipti got in touch with us, we got to know her as a very friendly person open to try new things any instant. Chanchal is as quiet and observant.

When it's about the Goan monsoon, it's a sweet juggle with nature god and setting up the best time in the small windows when the sky is open and the sun's peeking out as and when the clouds clear up.

So the date we planned to do a session with Dipti and Chanchal turned out as one of the most heavily pouring morning. So what was meant to be a morning shoot turned out to be a beautiful sundown session and we were blessed with a perfect

clear sky.

We spent some time by the beach letting their romance brew and get them acquainted to the photographing and next we went on a little hike to reach our favourite most sunset spot in Goa. 

You'll see comfort in their beautiful photographs that follow and most importantly just how smooth it was for us to get digging from behind the lens while they simply had their "together time".

Guess what? the next 2 weeks in line were packed with non-stop rains, quite a lucky escape!