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Itisha & Eklavya

It was a rather chilly morning as Sudhanshu and I headed to Sinquirim looking forward to meet Itisha and Eklavya. Definitely the only time of the day when it really feels like winter in Goa. We must say we connected with them in an instant and as we did, Itisha came out to be one of the most camera comfortable people we've shot, sure you could see that through the photographs, even though she attested of herself tending to be awkward. 

Although I agree it is a task getting up early to catch the sunrise while it's real dark outside being winter and you've got 2 hours to make it possible to be just in time. I am always enchanted by the fact that love makes us spin the world upside down. After all it's that very bond which we as Photographers like to capture in frames so you could cherish them years and decades down the lane.

Itisha, Eklavya and us strolled by the sea, shared a bite at Bhonsle which in our view is no doubt the best place to grab Goan snacks, explored the colorful streets of Goa and ended the day by the breathtaking view from one of our favourite most chai spots.