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Prerna &  Kaustav

Prerna and Kaustav's wedding was a heartfelt celebration, weaving together warmth, intimacy, and a tapestry of precious moments. Their union is a beautiful contrast, where their differences harmonize seamlessly, creating a love story that's utterly captivating.

Photography brought us together, but our connection blossomed beyond professional boundaries. Our shared passions for hiking and mountaineering ignited a friendship that lent depth to our collaboration, making capturing their moments even more special.

This past year has been transformative, allowing me to explore and embrace my true self. Being a part of documenting their meaningful wedding feels like an integral part of my own personal journey. Witnessing Prerna and Kaustav craft every detail of their wedding was a testament to their love and commitment. Each person present held a cherished place in their hearts, fostering an environment where everyone, from the decor team to the makeup artists, felt like an extended family rather than hired help.

Being entrusted to document their wedding holds immense significance to me. It was an honor to freeze-frame the genuine emotions and love that filled their special day.

Decor by KV Designs & Decor