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Aarushi & Arpit

It is once in a long while when we hear from couples with whom we end up discussing more of nuances and passions and everything around and juuust a little bit here and there about the part they'd actually connect with us for - their wedding.
This is from one such cherished time, I remember connecting with Arpit few months back more about hikes and exploration he's been up to and I narrating stories from the road while I'd be bikepacking.
I instantly knew this was going to be a great wedding to witness only because the people getting married were so much like my soul people.
When we finally met in person, it was obvious they hit home and I felt I'd know Arpit and Aarushi since ages and surely their happily ever after of the stunning two people was packed with emotions, energetic moments and loads of excited faces.

Here we are showcasing one of the most awaited weddings of this season!