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The bestest thing about you guys is YOU!

1) I remember the first time I got in touch with you, you were so quick in your response and just so approachable! It made me super comfortable to take the conversation fwd. Then, I spoke to Sonali who was more than ever understanding and kind! She heard my concerns and suggested accordingly. Your idea of meeting the family to understand our bond better was the cherry on the cake! It showed us, you cared for us and that line u wrote when we first spoke "I'm so glad you're getting married" made sense and I knew you genuinely meant it!

2) You guys fitted just perfectly in our little madhouse! It felt we knew each other from before!! You gave your inputs in regards to decoration! All in all, you both were emotionally involved in the process.

3) Both of you blended so well with our families and friends that it felt like you were a part of the family.

4) Value for money - wedding these days is about minting money, I haven't only experienced it personally but seen among my friends who got married. I found you very budget friendly and had a logical break up for add ons unlike other photographers who charge nonsensical amount of money!

5) And finally, just look at the picture, I mean WOW. Our family and friends haven't stopped talking about it! The way you have captured our personalities and relationships.. all can be seen in these beautiful pictures.

You don't need to change a thing!! Please stay as grounded and true to your art as you do now!! And only good things will follow! Like I said you are my official photographers for life!!

-Nikita and Dushyant

MEET - I believe there was a great connect right from our first conversation. Sudhanshu being the modest and unassuming guy that he is, wouldn’t roll down a list of details which he would be working on if that’s what you are expecting from him on the first call. He knows his shit! That’s what you’d expect from your photographer right? 

As a person I feel incomplete if I don’t express my gratitude and thank someone who considers his job seriously and does it with passion. We always search for those rare people in today’s fast paced transactional world, don’t we :) 

Despite having thought about your wedding photography, I assume it would still be a last minute decision for the most of you, so will keep it brief.

CLARITY- I and Sudhanshu fortunately resonated a lot in most areas. We both set the expectations with an open mind which made the entire flow very seamless. He always encouraged me to share more ideas and expectations. He believed in a very detailed approach which I absolutely loved. As a matter of fact, he and Sonali kept following up but it was us who couldn’t get back to them as much we wanted due unavoidable last minute work.

EXPERIENCE- There’s one thing I absolutely respect and loved was the ever smiling and accommodative team he has. Not once did anyone of them get perturbed about anything. 

After enquiring about my family members, he ensured he covered the important members on important occasions. He made everyone feel very comfortable in front of the camera.
There was one moment which my wife cherishes is the fun she had few hours prior the wedding vows. Sudhanshu understands the tense times and would contribute in every way he can. He captured some beautiful shots and gave us a lifetime memory. Thank you for that.  

EMOTIONS- His team captured important emotions beautifully. He understands the range of emotions very well and would sort out and present to you the most beautiful ones. An artist in this profession requires a higher level of emotional intelligence which he possesses. 

WORK- As told above, this passionate bloke till the last minute will keep seeking perfection and wouldn’t shy for once to hear a feedback. 
As per the delivery timeline, until now he has given me the most amazing teaser I could imagine and till date asks if it was ‘good enough’!! ha ha absolute gem of a man!

The candid photographs which he has worked on are the ones you want for your wedding! Trust me!

Comments from friends and family - There are plenty! My family and friends have decided to take his services when they have an important occasion in their lives. 

Stop applying your brains and call him! You’d be lucky when he answers the phone as you never know he would be on a cycling tour somewhere in the country!

- Yash and Priyanka

It wasn't like a normal photoshoot. It was pretty easy going. They asked us to enjoy ourself which was kind of fun as we did not feel that we are in front of a camera, and the result was some of the best candid shots of us together.

They are so personal with every photograph they take, it's all so natural that we can literaly revisit the day just by going back and looking at the pictures

Thanks for creating such beautiful memories of lifetime for us!

Sudhanshu and Sonali are great people and we utterly enjoyed the photography session with them. They form an amazing team together and put in their heart and soul to their work.

Sudhanshu and Sonali are just as we imagined. The BEST!

Would highly recommend :)

- Chanchal and Dipti

We just got married in Goa and Sudhanshu did an amazing job as our Intimate Wedding Photographer. We asked him to be discreet and to catch the moments. The result is great, we can feel the love in his pictures. Souvenirs for all our lives. Happy happy happy. Thank you Sudhanshu!! Best Intimate and Candid Wedding Photograph ever!!

- Laurie and Fabio

Sudhanshu is such an amazing and talented Candid Photographer. He captured our engagement function so well. Every memory created has been perfectly captured. He put us so much at ease and we felt very comfortable, knowing we were in good hands. Also, his work speaks for itself. Too good! Obsessed with our pictures!

- Saanya and Sannat

Sudhanshu is a person who is intelligent & highly competent. The pictures taken by him for Sannat & Saanya’s engagement are beautifully captured moments to be relived again & again. He creates magical memories

- Kanupriya Sachdev

We stumbled across Sudhanshu’s Instagram by luck and I was thoroughly captivated by his photographs. Mark and I then decided to take the chance to check on Sudhanshu's availability and with much luck, he happened to be available for a short period of time! We were thrilled. 


However, as Murphy's law would have it, we faced last-minute VISA issues at the airport and we were forced to delay our trip as we rushed to get a new VISA approved. This was a major concern for us because Suhandshu had plans to travel after our scheduled photo shoot. However, Suhandshu showed us true graciousness by offering to delay his personal travel plan, in the hope that we would make it in time and thankfully, we made it just in time! (Phew!)


Sudhanshu and Sonali took the time of their busy schedules to meet up with us over chai tea, the day before the photo shoot, just to get to know us better. We reckon that this helped tremendously in allowing us to feel more comfortable around them, especially since photo taking sessions were very new to us. Their sense of warmth and patience continued into the photoshoot process as they carefully framed the photos in their minds and constantly encouraged us to be in our own comfortable space while they captured these precious moments. Through this photo shoot, aside from receiving a set of beautiful photographs, we have indeed also gained two friends.


Thank you both for going the extra mile to make this photoshoot happen and bringing us to try the best Lassi ever! We love the photographs and I am sure it will bring back heartwarming memories for us.


(cue: Naruto)

- Regina and Mark

Wedding moments occur once in a lifetime but, can be remembered and relived through the pictures and videos later. I was fortunate enough that the beautiful moments of my wedding were captured by Sudhanshu. He is professionally well skilled and proficient in his work. His positive and interactive nature helped me a lot while being photographed. He really made my wedding a memorable one that makes most of my friends envy.

- Preksha Mathur

Sudhanshu is a complete professional and a humble being. I and my family were very happy with his work. All the moments were captured beautifully. He is very open to suggestions and adds them to his creativity. He is highly recommended to be a Top Wedding Photographer in Jaipur.

- Nakul Baloria

Just want to say a huge thank you to Sudhanshu and Sonali for the amazing pre-wedding photoshoot that we had in Jaipur. Sudhanshu is extremely professional and made us feel totally at ease during the shoot. He also found amazing locations with a superb view as our photo backdrop that were absolutely breathtaking! The photos also turned out absolutely beautiful and he managed to capture natural photos of us. Overall, we must say that we’re so happy that we chose him as our photographer! Sudhanshu is very patient and the entire experience was extremely enjoyable for both of us. Thanks once again for the beautiful photos and we’ll highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best Pre-wedding or Candid Wedding Photographer in Jaipur!

- Adelle and Ben

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