Regina  &  Mark

Belonging to two different friend circles, having distinct choices, possessing unlike skills they were good at, being from different backgrounds only mattered till Mark and Regina got the chance to know each other during a design workshop; 1 year into their University life.

“It was through this ‘difference’ that came love, warmth and appreciation for new experiences and adventures together.”, they say.

Differences are the seas that form an ocean and so is how the universe conspires to bring the most unexpected to life.

Couple photography in Jaipur
Couple photography in Jaipur

Pre wedding photography Jaipur
Pre wedding photography Jaipur

Couple photography in Jaipur
Couple photography in Jaipur



We stumbled across Sudhanshu’s Instagram by luck and I was thoroughly captivated by his photographs. Mark and I then decided to take the chance to check on Sudhanshu's availability and with much luck, he happened to be available for a short period of time! We were thrilled. 


However, as Murphy's law would have it, we faced last-minute VISA issues at the airport and we were forced to delay our trip as we rushed to get a new VISA approved. This was a major concern for us because Suhandshu had plans to travel after our scheduled photo shoot. However, Suhandshu showed us true graciousness by offering to delay his personal travel plan, in the hope that we would make it in time and thankfully, we made it just in time! (Phew!)


Sudhanshu and Sonali took the time of their busy schedules to meet up with us over chai tea, the day before the photo shoot, just to get to know us better. We reckon that this helped tremendously in allowing us to feel more comfortable around them, especially since photo taking sessions were very new to us. Their sense of warmth and patience continued into the photoshoot process as they carefully framed the photos in their minds and constantly encouraged us to be in our own comfortable space while they captured these precious moments. Through this photo shoot, aside from receiving a set of beautiful photographs, we have indeed also gained two friends.


Thank you both for going the extra mile to make this photoshoot happen and bringing us to try the best Lassi ever! We love the photographs and I am sure it will bring back heartwarming memories for us.


(cue: Naruto)

regina & mark



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