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Shivangi & Yashwant

Been a minute having spent time with 2 super fun people at once! While one's full of surprises, Yahswant, the other, perfect companion - bubbly chirpy Shivangi the cherry on top. Together they're a breath of fresh air. 
We can't seem to put a finger at the exact moment of the icebreaker but, these two have been the easiest couple so far to direct says Sonali. We started off at their beautiful comfy vacation villa in Anjuna romancing through the cozy nooks and sheets indoors.
And later heading to the beach to witness the most blessed light peak of the setting sun.
That wasn't it, as Yashwant had a heartfelt proposal set up for the love of his life the next day and there goes the ball of emotions rolling... Dreamy.. overwhelming.. exciting all  in an evening full of love  

And yet again, we were all blessed with rain free windows amidst a very heavily pouring monsoon of Goa.

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