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Write an email to us at:

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Sudhanshu - +91 8107627615

Incase our numbers are unreachable for some reason, leave us a message on WhatsApp and we'd get back to you ASAP

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To Book a Pre-wedding Shoot or other Lifestyle Photoshoots, directly call us on one of the above numbers.


Glad you are here and now that you are, tell us about the following while you write to us to avail a quote for your Wedding Photography:
- A little about you and your partner

- Dates and an idea of the flow of all events
- The type of wedding and the venue 

- Guest strength of the events

- Any other necessary details of the event that we must know.

Providing the above information would help us to discuss each of your requirements efficiently, once your enquiry reaches us we'll shortly get back to you.
If it's urgent feel free to call us on any of the contact numbers mentioned above. Both Sonali and Sudhanshu would be glad to support you at any point.

Get a Quote for your Wedding

What services do you require?
What is your budget range?

Team Sudhanshu Verma puts in every effort to provide you with the best possible services in your exclusive package. For the same reason we would appreciate if you share appropriate information regarding every possible detail of your to-be wedding in the contact form. On that conscious note, we have marked some fields as mandatory to be answered.
Kindly note the following before you hit the *send* button:


- Only enquiries with all necessary details shared would be reverted to.
- Examine every field you filled once to make sure there's nothing missed by chance (for e.g - have I mentioned every event date-wise along with venues and guest strength?)
- We would appreciate if you tell us a little about yourself and your to-be spouse to know you both briefly...
Share with an open heart :)

I agree that the data provided in the enquiry form is true and I understand that the data provided will be used solely and exclusively to answer my questions, suggestions or requests. The data collected will not be transferred to third parties or used for other purposes. 

Thanks for reaching us!
We will get back to you soon.

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