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Capturing Timeless Moments: An Ultimate 6 steps guide to Stunning Candid Wedding Photography

Welcome to the world of Candid Wedding Photography, where moments are frozen in time, preserving the raw emotions and beauty of your special day. Sudhanshu Verma Photography is delighted to be your trusted partner in capturing the priceless memories of your big day that will last a lifetime. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through our art in words so you know exactly what to expect from Candid Wedding Photography. Here we share expert tips and techniques to ensure your wedding photographs are nothing short of breathtaking.

Capturing Timeless Moments: An Ultimate 6 steps guide to  Stunning Candid Wedding Photography

1. Understanding Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography is all about capturing genuine, unposed moments. Unlike traditional posed shots, Candid Photography focuses on storytelling and capturing the essence of your big day as it rolls. Our style is such that we document couples being their most authentic selves so your photographs take you back to the same energy even years apart. Our skilled photographers blend seamlessly into the background, enabling them to capture the un-altered heartfelt moments.

2. Preparing for the Perfect Shots

Before the big day, we invest time in understanding your preferences and building a personal connection with you. We discuss your vision for the wedding photography, get to know the vibe of the events, favourite moments you want to cherish and any specific requests you may have so we are all on the same page. (We love it when you share your inspiration or mood boards to get a peek into the vibe there would be in the festivities.) Since all our packages are tailor-made, these discussions help us direct our approach to meet your expectations and ensures that every moment of your celebration is shot seamlessly.

3. The Right Equipment and Techniques

To ensure that every shot is exceptional, we utilise state-of-the-art photography equipment and employ a range of techniques. We use the latest high-speed mirrorless cameras with low-light shooting capabilities and fast prime lenses for capturing intimate moments closely. With years of experience at using creative angles, composition, and lighting to bring out the best in every photograph, we are technically sound in achieving picture-perfect results.

4. Capturing the Emotions

Candid Wedding Photography is about capturing emotions in their purest form. As Candid Wedding Photographers we believe that your emotions deserve to take centre stage. A weddings is a wholesome affair, there is way more than just what happens on the aisle or on the mandap. There's a 360° of dynamic moments happening parallelly. Which is why we love taking photographs of your close ones and their real emotions too.

We keep a keen eye on what’s happening around - the laughter, tears of joy, stolen glances, and warm embraces. These fleeting moments often hold the deepest significance, and we are committed to preserving them for you to relive and cherish forever.

5. Ensuring Comfort and Spontaneity

We are your friends with cameras! Our friendly and minimally intrusive style of shooting helps you and your guests feel at ease, allowing for spontaneous moments that reflect the genuine atmosphere of the celebration. Through the years, we have had the opportunity to capture impressive sets of photographs of couples who at first approached us saying “We’re too camera conscious and don’t know how this is going to work”. We understand that some people may feel shy in front of a camera, so we ensure a relaxed environment, where you and your loved ones to feel safe to be just your selves and we promise you would love the results.

6. Comparing Candid vs. Traditional Photography

Let's take a moment to understand how Candid Wedding Photography is different from traditional approach. While both styles have their merits, Candid Photography stands out for its ability to capture emotions and tell meaningful stories. The table below outlines the key differences:


Candid Photography

Traditional Photography


Unposed, Natural

Posed, Formal


Emotions and Moments

Formal Portraits





Minimally Intrusive

Directed and staged


Meaningful Storytelling

Elegant and Formal

"We believe Candid Wedding Photography is an art that requires skill, precision and an eye to document those fleeting moments from your wedding day that make your story unique. At Sudhanshu Verma Photography, we take pride in our ability to document the true essence of your love union, so decades down the line, you sit down with the same butterflies in your belly as you glance through the memories. Let our team of talented photographers be a part of your celebration, ensuring that your wedding photographs become a cherished heirloom filled with stunning, candid moments." - Sudhanshu Verma, Founder and Lead Photographer

Capturing Timeless Moments: An Ultimate 6 steps guide to  Stunning Candid Wedding Photography


Remember, that timeless wedding photographs come from authenticity. While you are set off to find the one Photography team that you most vibe with, start your search well before a minimum of 6-8months from your wedding dates. Book the team in advance so you do not end up in a compromising situation. Have an open conversation with your photographer to share your vision, flow of events, most importantly introduce your close ones to the team so they are acquainted with the important members of your circle. As Photographers, we are dedicated to bringing out the best with help of our experience of documenting weddings for over a decade now. Have us over to deliver stunning Candid Wedding Photography and Cinematography services, ensuring that your special day is etched in your heart and in the photographs that adorn your walls. Contact us today to embark on a beautiful journey of candid storytelling through the lens of Sudhanshu Verma Photography.

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